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My name is Emily…

June 7th, 2009

… and I’m a cereal-holic. Pictured above are the nine types in my cupboard today.

I grew up in a traditional and strict household. Recently, it dawned on me how hilariously stark the contrast was between the rules we had to follow and just how much free rein we had over one single thing: breakfast. Plainly put, we ate a LOT of crap: Lucky Charms, Count Chocula, Apple Jacks, Alpha-bits… you name it — if it was sugar-coated, we ate it!

A few fond childhood cereal memories:

  • Cap’n Crunch — loved this stuff, but ended up dropping it because it tore up the roof of my mouth everytime I ate it.
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch — got this a couple of times, but it was too sweet even for me. Whew!
  • Mini Wheats — See below…

  • Cheerios — Bohhhh-ring! My sister devised a terrific way to sweeten them up: after pouring them into milk, we’d sprinkle Quik chocolate milk powder over them. (We had to be careful not to inhale the powder as we ate it, or a coughing attack would ensue.) After all the cereal was done? Chocolate milk!!
  • Cocoa Puffs — I loved these dearly… I had to take a break from them at one point after my uncle pointed out that they looked just like rabbit poo. Ew.

I think I make some slightly more responsible cereal choices these days… though I have to admit, the Rice Krispies you see pictured above were bought with the express reason of making squares, heh heh.

Got any cereal favourites, anecdotes or memories?

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Bye bye Wii… it’s been fun

April 19th, 2009

This is me in a penguin suit:

I was addicted to this particular Wii Fit game for the last month — and I think the soundtrack is now embedded into my brain permanently.

My parents got a Wii last Fall, in response to some serious doctor’s orders for my Dad to get more active. Initially, they bought a version of Dance Dance Revolution, but managed to break it. Twice. So they got a Wii, then the Fit system add-on… and haven’t looked back.

When my parents told me they were going away for a month this Spring to Taiwan, my first selfish thought was “I gotta borrow the Wii!” I did; it was a month-long torrent affair, I tell you.

For anyone who wonders if the Fit is any good, I give a whole-hearted thumbs-up. It’s astounding how much of a workout you can get from the hula-hooping or boxing. It can’t match being outdoors for summer sports, and I prefer playing with real people over with a computer… but for an easy and convenient at-home workout, especially if you’re shy about exercising around others, it’s terrific. It’s ton of fun as well!

So my parents got back last week, and I returned all the equipment yesterday with a heavy heart. I’m consoled with the knowledge that summer sports start up in just a couple of weeks… but, in the meantime, will definitely miss the Wii. And the penguin suit.

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