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Kick-off follow-up

May 11th, 2010

The first two shows of 2010 went well — though it might not have been the smartest thing to have done back-to-back events right after landing home from two weeks away (and yup, I’ll be posting something about California soon :)!

A few highlights…

At Ladyfest on Saturday, I was neighbours with my buddy Paul Sharp — it was a tight squeeze and some people weren’t sure whose shirts were whose, but it still made for a fun day. We called our spot “Silkscreen Corner” and that’s my friend Renée who helped me out all day. Paul happens to be having an art show in Ottawa in a couple of weeks, if you’d like to check it out.

I got some really nice feedback from people who’d bought shirts from me in past. One guy told me that he’d had people say “Hey, that’s an m chen wear!” to him when he’d worn his shirt out — in Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, and even Nelson, BC. Also, a couple of different people mentioned my blog; it’s always so reassuring to know people drop by here. Talk about a warm fuzzies for me!

At ArtsPark on Sunday, I fell in love with this four-month-old Cocker Spaniel – Pomeranian pup. I wanted to take this little guy home.

ArtsPark was a  very chilly and windy outdoor show. One of the music performers for the day was Amanda Rheaume — a local artist whose name I’ve heard many times but whom I only met on Sunday. She got and wore a pair of my fingerless gloves for her set. I took this video of her playing “Same Room”, during which a gust of wind actually blows her setlist off the stage (at 1:39); you can see CBC’s Amanda Putz, who host the event, run through the shot to fetch it:

A big happy thanks to everyone who helped out on both days and who dropped by with smiles, hot chocolate and kind words. I obviously get a huge kick out of this side gig of mine, so all this encouragement is big icing on the cake.

Post script: I was pretty much a zombie after the second show ended. At one point on Sunday evening, John and I were joking around over dinner and he said “My noodles are better than yours.” I was so out of it, I could’ve sworn he said “My invisibility ears.” Oy. I slept very well that night!

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At home with Snailhouse

February 7th, 2010

Last night, I was among a houseful of lucky folks who were treated to an intimate show with Snailhouse (aka Mike Feuerstack). You could hear a pin drop in the room, which allowed us to enjoy all the subtleties in the music — the quirky lyrics and the little details in the guitar he played.

I’m quite bummed to have missed recording a video of the title track to his upcoming album, ‘Sentimental Gentleman’… I missed a gem! Still, I did manage to catch a few others:

You can hear more Snailhouse here.

Thanks, as always, to the ever-hospitable Amanda and birthday boy Tim for hosting, and also for the delish b-day goodies! Great sounds AND tastes… make for a wonderful and memorable evening.

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A toasty afternoon with The Vinyl Café

December 21st, 2009

For fellow canucks, The Vinyl Café and the sound of Stuart McLean’s voice are likely familiar to you — stories of Dave and Morley and other characters who are practically family members to some listeners by now. Lucky duck that I am, I got to play the role of Amanda’s date yesterday, and we went to see the Ottawa show of the Vinyl Café’s Christmas Tour, which also featured Jill Barber and Matt Andersen. To top it all off, we got to sit in a loge; it couldn’t have been more perfect… unless I’d had binoculars-on-a-stick and a fan.

Seeing the stories being told was a lot more magical than just hearing them over the airwaves. Stuart McLean truly has a gift for storytelling, and watching him made me realize how each word, breath and every decision about timing was crucial to his delivery. The room was full of laughs, some sniffles, and plenty of feelings of nostalgia.

Jill Barber was ever-charming and glamorous:

And I’m thankful for the introduction to Matt Andersen, who got a standing ovation after this performance:

Matt’s parents flew in from the East Coast to watch this show… and Stuart asked Matt’s Mom to come up and help sing this number:

The show’s finale had the room singing along:

For the entire show, I felt like I was tucked in. I’m not someone who feels particularly “Christmassy” during the holidays, but this was definitely the most I’ve felt in a long time. When it was time to go, I was half-surprised to look down and realize that I wasn’t in my pj’s and slippers.

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