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Archive for June, 2009

A project of distinction

June 4th, 2009

As I’ve mentioned before, the National Capital Region YMCA-YWCA is one of my clients — and a favourite one at that. Around this time last year, they asked if I would consider joining the communications committee for their annual Y Women of Distinction event — which nominates and awards local women in 10 different categories. This meant a year of volunteering my time to design and lay out their printed materials.

There were rushes, and there were lulls; there were fun meetings and there were long working nights; there was a LOT of correspondence (729 received emails!). Then this past Monday was the gala — the culmination of all the work done by a veritable army of volunteers — to give a special night to 42 outstanding women. I sat in the National Arts Centre Theatre, and as each nominee was featured (in pre-taped interviews on the large screen), I was utterly moved. To tears, in fact, multiple times.

Talk about inspiration… these ladies made me want to be a better person.

The photo above is the first inside page of the Program I put together for the gala, and it features all 42 of the amazing women who were nominated for the Awards. And here is the Program cover:

You can download the full program, which includes bios for each of the nominees; if you’re looking for some motivation, I urge you to take a gander at it. The recipients for each of the categories are announced here.

Now, I’ve heard many folks say that we freelancers should never do pro bono work. I agree that it’s a slippery slope, and that if I accepted every request that I got to do so, I could easily be a full-time volunteer. BUT I also believe in ‘everything in moderation’. As long as I believe in the cause, and if I enjoy what I do for a living anyway, then it’s a nice idea to be able to use some of my skills to contribute a little to my community. It’s just a bonus that I got so much out of this project in return.

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m + m = match

June 1st, 2009

I met a fellow-Ottawan named Mélanie Rebane on twitter a few weeks ago, and we got along great. Fast forward to last Tuesday when we met up in person. Four hours blew by — full of laughs, shop talk and everything in between, plus our own mini-shoot where John snapped the photo above.

And there you have it: John and I are stoked to have found a photographer for our Ottawa wedding partay! She’s just the right mix of spunk, warmth, fun and talent to capture what we’re sure will be a hoppin’ evening. (The fact that she goes by ‘m photography’ is pure coincidence, I swear — and a good omen, methinks!)

Mélanie specialises in small/boutique weddings…

family photos…

and maternity pictures…

Check out her website and blog for more.

I can picture Mélanie feeling right at home amongst our friends, engaging them to partake in some hammy posing… but then she obviously also has the eye and ability to capture some truly touching and candid moments. I can’t wait to see what she’ll come up with at our little shindig.

Even as she played with the settings on her fancy schmancy camera on the evening we met up, she took this quick shot of me:

It’s rare for me to think I look nice in a photo… but I really dig this shot. It bodes well for our wedding ‘do, doesn’t it!??

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