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Archive for November, 2009

One more day at the Glebe Craft & Artisan Fair…

November 15th, 2009

Just a quick update after the first day and a half of the Glebe Craft & Artisan Fair… so far, it’s been great — and I’m looking forward to another full day tomorrow. Details for any Ottawa-folk:

Sunday, November 15th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
at the Glebe Community Centre (175 Third Avenue, at Lyon) — free admission

Drop by, say hello, and you’ll see dozens of terrific artisans, such as…

  • Jennifer and Bette Reid of Crazy Bliss; I’d chatted with Jennifer a bunch through etsy, and this was our first time meeting… very cool to see her hilarious cat cards in person:

  • Myrosia Humeniuk, whom I know from ultimate frisbee; she paints friendly critter canvases and unbelievably detailed Ukrainian eggs:

  • Melonie Higashi (with super-assistant Michelle) and her gorgeous jewelry, which you may have seen featured here before. It’s Mel and my one-year anniversary, since we met at this show last year :)

  • Three Cheers Cupcakes, made up of partners Kristin Ferguson (pictured below on the right) and Dee Newman (who was busy baking off-site). So Dee’s boyfriend Brad (on the left, of B. Goods -a bakery-) is helping out, and just happened to have snagged my last gold See How They Run tee:

And a close-up of their unbelievable lemon cupcakes, which have a dollop of lemon curd in the centre, *drooool*. I’ve eaten one a day so far:

  • Sharon Ripley of Mosaic Art and Decor, whose copper-dipped leaves are just as gorgeous as her mosaics. We’re back-to-back neighbours, and I’ve really enjoyed chatting with her:

The room is packed with talent, I tell ya.

On a personal level, I’m enjoying the show a lot. Highlights so far:

  • friends dropping by with their rah-rah-rahs!
  • seeing friends of yore for the first time in years and having a little catch-up (Hiya Anjali!)
  • return customers who tell me that the shirts they bought from past shows were a hit… and a couple of these folks were actually wearing the tees they got from me last time
  • one customer who found me using etsy’s geolocator, and who contacted me to hold a print for her to pick up… how flattering is that?

Hopefully Sunday is as hoppin’ as Saturday was… These events are always a little tough to bounce back from — the fatigue of the show itself (setting up, being “on”, sore feet) and the lack of a weekend… but they are also the most rewarding and encouraging part of this gig.

The lemon cupcakes are, well… icing on the cake :)

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The lovely late blooming of Jill Zmud

November 13th, 2009

I posted a video of Jill performing at Westfest a few months ago, and then more recently, I had the honour and pleasure of doing the artwork for her first CD, As We Quietly Drive By (some of which you can hear here). Saskatoon-native Jill wanted the artwork to be welcoming, warm and cozy, like her music; she had her cousin (who still lives in the prairies) take the cover photo of one of her favourite roads:

The imagery and pallette continue inside, along with a photo of her guitar that was broken when she traveled on United Air (duet with Dave Carroll, anyone?):

This has been a labour of love for Jill, who only started writing and playing music in her early 20’s. She’s a public servant by day, and then works on music whenever else she can. It’s paying off… She’s already been nominated by Ottawa Xpress for Favourite New Musical Artist/Group (voting just ended, results will be up on the 19th). And album reviews have been positive, such as this one from Culture.ca.

At her CD release show this Sunday, she’ll be accompanied by Dave Draves (who recorded the CD), Christine Mathenge and Jerusha Lewis from Voices of Praise gospel choir, Safwan Javed (who you might remember as the drummer of Wide Mouth Mason), among others.

If you do get the chance to go, you’ll be charmed by her humble wit, you’ll be treated to her thoughtful words and tunes, and something tells me you’ll definitely feel welcomed, warm and cozy.

(Sadly, I can’t make the show, as I’ll be vending my wears at a craft show all weekend… but if you go, please feel free to comment here and let me know your thoughts!)

Listen to Jill here.

Join her facebook fan page.

And as a post-script fun fact, according to my website stats,  Jill’s name has been near or on the top of my blog’s most-searched keyphrases for the last few months. This partial screenshot is just for November so far:

I don’t think I’ll be too surprise if this trend continues.

Good luck, Jill, and have a terrific kick-off show! Sending goodness…

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So many awkward stages, so little time…

November 10th, 2009

I was at my parents’ place on Sunday night and took the opportunity to scan photos to include in a slide show on our upcoming Big Day. Hoo boy, there was no shortage pictures of me looking idiotic, as you can see above… Going through the albums was an ab workout, seriously. And you’re laughing WITH me — not AT me — right?? ;)

In a somewhat related note, I’m featured in my buddy June Shin’s blog today (with a giveaway, so go and enter!) — and in the Q&A, I admitted that I was mean as a little kid. But as you can guess from my “age 12″ photo, middle school was socially challenging for me so I definitely got my fair share of being on the receiving end of the teasing. And as a post-script to the Permo pic, can you believe that my grade 10 science teacher used my hair as an example of potential energy (stretched-out ringlet…) and kinetic energy (… released: boingggg!)?

I’m glad I went through a few awkward stages — they helped me get a better perspective on things and probably made me a stronger person. Most of all, they make for amusing slide shows.

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