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Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

July 21st, 2009

John and I recently drove through a nearby town called Arnprior, and we stumbled across a beach… as well as this sign. Call me a “grammar geek”, but misplaced quotation marks “drive me batty”!

Grammar geekiness is one thing that John and I have in common… Below is a shot from Varadero, Cuba:

And then at a music festival in a nearby town called Perth… where, apparently, there’s this one kid who has a tent:

Below are a few other goodies I’ve taken on my travels in past years. Some have spelling errors, some are just plain hilarious.

Again, from Cuba… I promise, we hurtled nothing here:

They don’t like you to scribble while you’re visiting temples in Japan:

Koreans like to keep to themselves:

This sign in Taiwan speaks for itself:

Another billboard in Taiwan… doesn’t help with the “R” vs. “L” teasing:

Again, in Taiwan… a sign kindly letting foreigners know that it’s not a Western toilet:

A last one from Taiwan, and not even a sign… but way too hilarious not to share (unmatched!):

The spelling errors might’ve been intentional here though, to avoid copyright issues. Orrrrr… they’re just mistakes.

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