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Where the Wild Emily will be on October 16th…

April 6th, 2009

Yes, that’s right — Where the Wild Things Are is being adapted for screen, and will be released on October 16th of this year. When I first heard about it, I cringed; this couldn’t be good news. Then I saw this trailer, and now I’m fully intrigued — it looks pretty darn amazing.

I have to admit, I didn’t know about the book until I was well past the age-appropriate window. Even then, I loved the illustrations and the spirit of the story. From what I understand though, this book holds a special place for a LOT of people, and from very early on in their lives. I’d love to hear what Where the Wild Things Are means to you!

As an aside… did you catch Tony Soprano’s voice as Carol???

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Sweet Coraline (bap-bap-baaahhh)

February 4th, 2009

I’ve been hearing just a ton of buzz about Coraline — a 3-D, stop-motion fairy-tale nightmare flick that comes out this Saturday, February 6th. Every single element in the movie is handmade… if you look up the title on youtube, there is an endless list of trailers and features. I only had time to go through a few, but this was one that floored me in particular:

My fingers ache just watching this…

I can’t remember the last time I wanted to go see a movie on opening day. I’ll even wear the stupid cardboard glasses that always make me dizzy! Can’t wait.

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A quietly funny gem

January 5th, 2009

We rented a movie I’d never heard of on Saturday — it was called “The Band’s Visit”, and it blew both John and my socks off.

The film is in Hebrew and Arabic (so yes, it’s got subtitles), as well as English. The actors are Israeli and Palestinian, but world issues aren’t at all discussed. The matters at hand are smaller in scale, dynamics between individuals, isolation, misunderstandings… It’s a quiet, unassuming and thoughtful pic that had me laughing out loud in one scene, then tearing up in the next.

Not for folks who need car chases, pumping soundtracks or SNL spin-offs to enjoy a flick.

Now that I think of it, some of the best movies I’ve seen are ones I know nothing about before watching them. Case in point: I went to the Bytowne Theatre in my high school years to see a Chinese movie called “Shanghai Triad”. I went solo, and slowly realized as the theatre filled that there weren’t many other Asians in the crowd. Hmmmm… so I casually strolled out to the lobby to check out the evening line-up, and realized I’d screwed up the times. The show I had come to was “Antonia’s Line”, a very quirky Dutch pic about four generations of women; it was amazing. (And I still haven’t seen Shanghai Triad.)

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