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Picking up painting after a decade off…

July 3rd, 2009

Tonight (Friday, July 3rd) at 8 pm — Open House for “Word Up”, a group exhibit featuring loads of local artists; at CycleLogik, 1111A Wellington Street. Fellow Ottawans, come on out!

A month ago, the lovely Andrea Stokes of Pink Wagon asked me to partake in this show… which starts in just under two hours. I decided that I should do this ‘properly’ and undertake a real-life painting… the first non-digital painting I’d done since graduating university over 10 years ago. It was a mixed bag of remembering how much I love the physicality of working with paint on canvas, wondering what I’d gotten myself into, really missing the power of “undo”, and worrying that I wasn’t going to like the outcome.

Thankfully, I do like it and am posting a sneak peek:

It’s a diptych called “apart + together”. Each panel is 12″ x 12″, and I did it with acrylic paint, plus a bit of pencil and fun Sharpie water-based pens.

A step-by-step of how I got here..

Below: this was very definitely the “Oh  #%*!@, what have I gotten myself into?!!!” stage. I seem to encounter this for every non-digital piece I do…

Here are details of the finished piece:

I’m definitely feeling a wee bit nervous about the event tonight — if you’d asked me a decade ago if I’d ever partake in another art show, I’d have said “Not likely!” I’m not sure how solo exhibitors do it! So there you have it — and *gulp* off I go…

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A taste of Spring

March 30th, 2009

Last Saturday, Spring decided to tease us Ottawans with one gorgeous day. On a post-brunch walk that John and I took with friends Magda and Rod, we had a bit of an adventure…

We stumbled upon a rare breed of neon orange spider that gives off super-powers:

We discovered a pigeon mama-to-be, who’d built a feeble nest in the safety net under Laurier Bridge; her nest was so sparse that we could actually see the two eggs she was sitting on (you can see bits of other nests and eggshells in the net here too). The inset in the picture shows the Mum, zoomed in:

We said buh-bye to the melting ice on the Rideau Canal:

Of course, it’s been utterly frigid grey CRAP outside since Saturday… such is the fickleness of Ottawa weather. After a dark, frigid, bus-challenged winter in the nation’s capital, one day of premature warmth is a welcome hint as to what’s to come… hopefully soon!

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The Manxification of John Bagnell

February 25th, 2009

Joy, Havana 2008 — now showing at the Manx

The photo above is one of 13 pictures that my partner-in-crime John currently has on show at the Manx Pub, until March 4th. I encourage all Ottawans and Winterlude-visitors to drop by and take a look-see; besides the wonderful view you’ll get, the food at the Manx is delicious (lamb curry wrap with potato wedges and garlic mayo, anyone??!). The pub is at 370 Elgin Street (at Frank), down a set of stairs.

If you do get to see the images in person, you’ll know what I mean when I say that John has a knack of taking something everyday, and making it iconic. Especially because the prints are so large (11.5″ x 15.5″, then matted and framed), even the most mundane of things gets a second look, extra significance.

Jet, Ottawa 2005 — shown at The Wild Oat last summer

Nate (the son of good friends of ours), Ottawa 2008 — taken last summer

Keys, Ottawa 2008 — now showing at the Manx — Bobby Wiseman’s keyboard at a CBC Fuse taping

John’s also done photoshoots for clients. Here’s a shot he took last year for the National Capital YMCA-YWCA’s 2007 Annual Report Cover:

He recently took the below shot of me, one of the few photos I actually like of myself (this was in prep for a photoshoot; I was helping him do lighting tests):

Drop on by the Manx in the next week, or visit John’s site or blog. He’s great. And his photos are swell too.

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