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The day I shot a barrel of monkeys…

July 7th, 2009

I silkscreened up a storm last Saturday — mostly to beef up stock for upcoming shows. I did print a brand new combo, since I’d yet to put re[CONNECT] on a men’s tee.

John kindly agreed to do a shoot with me, and here are some pics of him in the new tee:

Guess which one’s my favourite? hee hee.

I’ve listed this in my shop now, so they’re available to all you monkey fans — hot off the presses!

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I’d like to re[introduce] you to my 2009 line — just briefly

May 2nd, 2009

With two craft shows on Mother’s Day weekend, I have been a veritable headless chicken lately. There’ve been bumps and stumbles, technical difficulties, a stray cuss word or two… but also wonderful help from friends and lots of “PHEW, I’m glad THAT worked!”

After months of brainstorming, sketching…

…and looking through dictionaries for ideas, I aim to have four new shirt designs ready for next weekend; and another few by midsummer. The designs are all part of what I am calling the re[VERB] line… and other than that, I will exercise great restraint by showing you only this for now. More to come soon, once I’ve corralled the help of my kindly friend models! You’re as excited as me, right?

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